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Senior Medical Executive, Boston MA

Senior Medical Executive, Boston MA


Transition to New Field
In 1997, while working in the public affairs office at regional bank, I decided to make a change. But I needed help understanding how to combine my graduate education and eight years of professional sporting event and volunteer management experience.

Career Strategy
Sarah has the unique ability to identify and zero in on an individual’s core strengths. More importantly, she shows how to use those strengths to help a person move ahead professionally. She provided strategic insight into how I could use my education and experience to move in a new direction. And she helped me find the intersection between my personal passions and career ambitions. Working with Sarah, I was able to create an innovative plan to pursue my professional goals. [click to read more…]



Photo of Sales Executive

Sales Executive, Chicago IL


From Corporate America to Owning a Business
In 2002, I found myself wanting greater flexibility in defining my role and work schedule. But this was difficult to do in my salaried position within a corporate environment. As much as I tried to redefine my role and gain the flexibility I sought, the organization was only willing to bend so much.

Career Strategy
Sarah helped me get at the essence of my expertise and passion, and assisted me in defining the ideal situation. She also helped me realize that ultimately I wanted to be my own boss but that I needed a plan to help me make the transition. After she and I developed this plan, I started down the path by seeking opportunities that revolved around my key criteria.

Within a very short timeframe, I landed a freelance, telecommuting position with an agency. The position met most of my requirements – a flexible schedule, the ability to engage in what truly interested me, and the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business. After a few years with the agency, I decided to make the big leap and start my own consulting business. I’ve been successful from day one. Now in my second year as a consultant and principal of my own business, I couldn’t be happier. Sarah helped me map out a solid plan to reach my goal and instilled in me the confidence to reach this place.

Research Scientist – Palo Alto, CA

Plan of Action During Unemployment After a couple of months of unemployment, I was having difficulty both identifying my strengths and weaknesses, and engaging in focused, consistent networking. I needed help in two areas: identifying what I wanted to do, and communicating my strengths to prospective employers. Networking Strategy and Plan Through regular weekly phone […]

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Marketing VP – Washington, DC

Internal Move with Existing Company For 25 years, I had been a top performer, moving up the ladder from a research scientist to a VP/Senior Marketing Manager. I?d gone from being the person responsible for doing the work to the person responsible for developing and identifying the work for others to do. Around this time, […]

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Advertising Executive – New York, NY

Unrecognized and Undervalued in Position After 15 years in the advertising business, I was miserable in my job. The organization was downright dysfunctional and my colleagues and bosses were apathetic. Most importantly, I felt that my contributions went unrecognized and that I was being forced into mediocrity. In short, I was a fish out of […]

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