Waiting to Hear on an Interview

Question: I’ve been told to expect a call for a telephone interview “right away”, but it’s been a week. When is it appropriate to call or contact?

Consider that you have no internal perspective on the culture of the company. What does right away mean? Could be a day, could be a month, could be that the interviewer or HR manager is out sick or on vacation. It’s just not information you’re privy to. You have to understand; you don’t know the internal culture of the organization. Reader: how would you define right away? Ask 10 people in 10 different companies how they define “We will be in touch to set up an interview.” and see what their responses are. By calling, you’re going counter to the company culture, and it could make you look desperate. It comes down to letting go and waiting, and keep moving on.

Consider also that you should have many interviews and not just that one in the pipeline.

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