Senior Medical Executive – Boston, MA





Senior Medical Executive, Boston MA

Senior Medical Executive, Boston MA


Transition to New Field
In 1997, while working in the public affairs office at regional bank, I decided to make a change. But I needed help understanding how to combine my graduate education and eight years of professional sporting event and volunteer management experience.

Career Strategy
Sarah has the unique ability to identify and zero in on an individual’s core strengths. More importantly, she shows how to use those strengths to help a person move ahead professionally. She provided strategic insight into how I could use my education and experience to move in a new direction. And she helped me find the intersection between my personal passions and career ambitions. Working with Sarah, I was able to create an innovative plan to pursue my professional goals.

Ten years later, after successful leadership roles at nationally recognized top 3 hospital, I remain a client of Sarah’s. She is currently playing a key role as I work on launching my own business.

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