Research Scientist – Palo Alto, CA

photo of Research Scientist – Palo Alto, CA

Research Scientist – Palo Alto, CA

Plan of Action During Unemployment
After a couple of months of unemployment, I was having difficulty both identifying my strengths and weaknesses, and engaging in focused, consistent networking. I needed help in two areas: identifying what I wanted to do, and communicating my strengths to prospective employers.

Networking Strategy and Plan
Through regular weekly phone meetings, Sarah and I honed in on what I wanted in my career, in general, and in my next job, in particular. We engaged in brainstorming and writing exercises that helped me identify my core skill set and also revealed what I sought in future employment. From this, I was able to write a focused and powerful networking letter which highlighted my qualifications and assets. Along with this, Sarah and I generated a comprehensive networking list.

I began to network in a more focused and efficient way. Within three months, I landed a great job, with many of the characteristics that I wanted.

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