Marketing VP – Washington, DC

Marketing VP, Washington DC

Marketing VP, Washington DC

Internal Move with Existing Company
For 25 years, I had been a top performer, moving up the ladder from a research scientist to a VP/Senior Marketing Manager. I?d gone from being the person responsible for doing the work to the person responsible for developing and identifying the work for others to do. Around this time, my manager and mentor moved on to another position within the company. My new manager had none of the qualities of my former boss and I found it difficult working with him. I didn?t want to leave my company, but something needed to be fixed.

Career Strategy
I first began working with Sarah to get my career back on track. Sarah helped me identify my successes and skills, as well as my job options within the Company. She also provided practical suggestions of how to cope with my current boss until another option was identified.

I took advantage of my relationships with senior staff to make it clear that I was looking for a new job within the company. Sarah was an invaluable source of advice during this time.

Not only was I offered a job within another very successful division, but simultaneously, my division was reorganized and I was offered a position in the newly created division. In this new position, I was paired with a manager who is a great mentor and person, is very knowledgeable, and has a background of successes in the marketplace. Sarah guided me in identifying how to develop an excellent working relationship with my manager. As a result, I was given a special one-year assignment in Washington, DC.

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