Advertising Executive – New York, NY

Advertising Executive, New York, NY

Advertising Executive, New York, NY

Unrecognized and Undervalued in Position
After 15 years in the advertising business, I was miserable in my job. The organization was downright dysfunctional and my colleagues and bosses were apathetic. Most importantly, I felt that my contributions went unrecognized and that I was being forced into mediocrity. In short, I was a fish out of water and my career had stalled. Feeling exhausted and frustrated on a daily basis, I considered leaving the media world entirely.

Career Strategy
One of the most illuminating assignments Sarah gave me was to list my biggest accomplishments over the past five years. This helped remind me what I loved about my work and reinforced that I was anything but “average.” I began to feel passionate about my industry again. I also re-prioritized what I wanted and expected out of a new job – an inspiring, creative environment, colleagues who strive to be the best, and a system of meritocracy. And of course a great salary! I was looking for a place to be the “best me”, and Sarah helped me find it.

Sarah rebuilt my professional confidence and enthusiasm within a few months. She helped me take back control, to not allow myself to be defined by an inferior organization. My job search became more strategic.

I’m now a Senior Vice President at a world-class advertising agency, and I love what I do. I work with a dynamic, innovative group of colleagues and clients, and I enjoy getting up and going to work every morning (okay, most mornings!).

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